Sell Your Premium Vehicle The Motorenn Way
Selling your luxury used car just got much faster and much easier!
At Motorenn, we can buy your car fully remotely through out website, at out Los Angeles office, or something in between. We work fast with an efficient digital process and beat our key competitors so you know you're getting the best offer.
Ready to learn more about the best way to sell your car online?
1. Share The Details
Tell us about your car! Visit our website and easily submit information here. We'll need your contact information, the vehicle's VIN, mileage, the condition of the car, any original books and window sticker you might have, and any modifications that may have been made.
Live in SoCal? You can also bring your car to our Los Angeles showroom to complete the valuation and payment process in one visit.
2. Photos and Video Walkaround
If you're selling your car remotely, one of our representatives will reach out to you withing 24 hours to get pictures of your vehicle and/or do a video walkaround of the car.
3. Get An Offer
After we've confirmed the details, we'll appraise your vehicle and provide competitive cash offer - all within 24 hours of your initial submission.
We understand that the longer your car sits the longer your money isn't available for other investments, so our experts work fast to value your car and provide you with a quote. We event beat our key competitors by 1.5%*, especially for the most pristine cars, so you can rest assured that you're getting the best possible offer!
4. Digital Documents & E-Signatures
We'll email you the digital documents to finalize for your e-signature via DocuSign, and any paperwork that needs your physical signature will be sent to you via FedEx or signed in persona at our Los Angeles location.
5. Get Paid
We'll wire you the money as soon as the paperwork is signed (we told you we work fast!)
6. Pick Up or Delivery
Once payment and paperwork is complete, you can drop off your vehicle at the dealership or we will arrange pickup from your location, nationwide.
7. Leave A Review and Stay In Touch
Did you enjoy your experience with us? Did we meet (and hopefully exceed) your expectations? Let us know!
As a new and growing business, we appreciate every review. Please find a link to leave your review on Google here, and stay in touch on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!
*Proof of competitor's offer must be shown, the offer must still be active, the vehicle must be in the same condition as when originally appraised, and odometer must be withing 250miles of the original appraisal. Offer must be of a straight buy basis (similar to CarMax offers). Offers are contingent on Motorenn's available funding if seeking a straight buy from Motorenn. Offer only applicable to vehicles with a clean history and no accidents. Remote offers will have transportation cost deducted from the price match guarantee.