About Us

We’re modernizing the world of used premium vehicles. Motorenn is a Los Angeles-based startup leading the evolution of the buying and selling of premium used cars through high-quality inventory, white glove service, and operational excellence. We are automotive enthusiasts, rather than salespeople, who are focused on transforming the high-end car sales experience. We want our customers to experience the same joy and awe that we have for these modern engineering marvels, rather than worrying about haggling or wasting hours in a palatial showroom! From our careful vehicle selection, innovative data-driven pricing, and investment in our best-in-class digital capabilities, we are trailblazing a new retail and e-commerce model in order to share that experience with customers throughout the country.
Trust, value, and efficiency are at the core of what drives us. Our vehicles, which undergo an exhaustive 151-point inspection, will never have salvage titles, frame damage, airbag deployment, or damage to more than two external panels. Our pricing model takes into consideration condition, mileage, and options to provide you a value that can’t be beaten with transparent, no-haggle prices with no hidden fees. Our digitally streamlined process also means that you never even have to step foot into our showroom! You can sign your documents digitally and have your vehicle picked up or delivered, or visit our Los Angeles location for a test drive and then complete the process remotely.

Motorenn is about car enthusiasts selling great vehicles. No more spending hours at the dealership. Our innovative approach focuses on providing luxury, efficiency, and offering our customers a value that can’t be beaten.

David Chou (CEO)

Who we are

David Chou (CEO)

David is an automotive industry veteran with a background in strategy and pricing from Edmunds and CarMax. David’s time at Carmax and his analysis of Carvana’s business model showed him the power and value of an honest deal, a customer centric approach, and a smooth digital process. Beyond his automotive career, David has spent time in management consulting, helped found a logistics tech startup, and is an Army veteran.

His dream car is the Audi R8.


Austin Haldeman (COO)

Austin is a former Honda Racing Team engineer and a high-tech engineering consultant. Austin’s experience with the technical aspects of high-performance vehicles helps him manage the critical vehicle inspection and reconditioning processes. In addition to his engineering experience, Austin brings his automotive and motorcycle retail experience to Motorenn.

His dream car is the manual Porsche 911 GT3.

In The News
"Motorenn is leading the evolution of the car buying and selling experience"
"High-quality inventory, white-glove service"
"An improved experience"
"Luxury vehicles are transparently presented and well-priced"
“[Motorenn] is modernizing what has traditionally been a cumbersome, non-digital experience. With low overhead costs, data-driven pricing models, and a digital first mentality, Motorenn is able to price their careful selection of vehicles competitively and transparently.”