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Consign Your Luxury Car with Motorenn

Take advantage of our professional inventory listings, financing tools, and national reach to get your vehicle sold quickly.

We’ll do the heavy lifting to get your vehicle inspected, detailed, and listed, while our professional process, secure facility, and insurance coverages ensure that you’re protected from any potential scams or fraudulent sales processes.

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Consignment Requirements

Our inventory consists of only the highest quality vehicles, so consignment vehicles must meet Motorenn’s retail quality standards. Those that need reconditioning or service will be serviced prior to listing to ensure a faster sale time and better value and experience for you and the buyer! We are happy to manage the reconditioning process on your behalf and can service the vehicle directly at our Motorenn Service Center. We will always agree upon fees beforehand.

In order to ensure a smooth sales process, consigned vehicles must be stored at Motorenn’s secure facility for the duration of the consignment.

Not sure if consignment is right for you?

Learn more about the benefits of consignment and when to consider consigning your vehicle!

Motorenn’s Car Consignment Process

After a preliminary vehicle evaluation, we determine what servicing or reconditioning may be required and appraise the vehicle.

Once an agreement has been made on the sales price, commission, and reconditioning needs, we will send a digital consignment agreement for your electronic signature. Once the vehicle arrives at Motorenn, we will address any outstanding vehicle issues and handle the sales process.

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