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Get Your Dream Car
Browse our cars with our tech-driven filtering system that make it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. All cars get certifed by our 151-point inspection. Learn more
Complete the checkout process on our website, including financing and warranty options, or visit our Los Angeles location to test drive the car and sign paperwork in person
Have your new car delivered to your home or drive it away from our location
Your Finance Options
Use funds from your bank account
Pay with 13 different types of cryptocurrency with BitPay
Motorenn’s partners offer both traditional and long-term loans. Interest rates for well-qualified buyers are very competitive for all term durations
Motorenn works with a financing partner to provide used car lease options that operate very similarly to a new car lease
Bring your preapproval from a third party lender
Sell or Trade-In Your Car
Get an offer for your car. Submit information about your vehicle, such as mileage and service history, on our 3 step process Learn more
After a quick, on-site review of the vehicle, we’ll either cut you a check, or hand over the keys to your new ride!
Have your car picked up from your home or bring it to out Los Angeles location

All Motorenn Vehicles Come With

Our vehicles come with zero additional fees, extended warranty options, and a 5 day/250 mile guarantee

5 days/250 miles
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I buy a vehicle from Motorenn?

Motorenn conducts sales through one of three ways:

  • Customers can come onsite to directly purchase their vehicle, which is most like the traditional dealership experience.
  • Customers within a 150 mile radius from the Motorenn store can opt to complete the paperwork and payment remotely and then have Motorenn deliver the vehicle free of charge.
  • Customers outside of the 150 mile radius can purchase the vehicle remotely and then pay to have it delivered by a third party trucking company.

    Learn more about our buying process here.

What are my payment options?
  • Motorenn accepts wire transfers, bank checks, loan funding documents, cryptocurrency via BitPay, and cash (not recommended) for vehicle purchases.
  • Motorenn accepts credit cards for shipping costs, accessories, aftermarket components, and other ancillary products or services.
How do I pay with cryptocurrency?
  • Motorenn partners with BitPay to accept 13 different cryptocurrencies in a safe and secure way using a peer-to-peer wallet or a crypto wallet that supports payment protocol
  • During the vehicle checkout process, you can select to pay with cryptocurrency. After the final documents are signed, we will send you a secure email to complete your vehicle payment via BitPay
What cryptocurrencies do you accept?
  • Motorenn accepts 13 different cryptocurrencies through our partnership with BitPay. These include
    • Bitcoin (BTC)
    • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
    • Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)
    • Dogecoin (DOGE)
    • Ethereum (ETH)
    • Litecoin (LTC)
    • Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB)
    • Five USD-pegged stablecoins
    • (GUSD, USDC, USDP, DAI, and BUSD)
  • Please note that BitPay currently only accepts ERC-20 coins on the ETH network
  • The exchange rate will be provided at the time of your transaction, and you can find the currency exchange rate here.
How does the buying process work?
  • Customers will be able to do the following tasks digitally, either through Docusign or via email:
    1. Proof of funds - either proof of bank account balance or customer’s approved loan information (or loan approval with Motorenn affiliate bank)
    2. All sales documents signed with the exception of the final purchase order.
    3. Copy of customer’s driver’s license, other proof of identity and address documents, and proof of insurance.
  • After Motorenn confirms receipt of Bill of Sale and other sales documents, the customer may pay for the vehicle.
  • Vehicle will be pulled from sales listings only after the Bill of Sale is signed. Motorenn will hold the vehicle for 3 business days for the customer to arrange funding (if needed).
  • Motorenn will then also overnight two final sales document (along with a return label) that will require black ink signatures from the customer.
  • Once payment clears and all final documents are signed and returned, Motorenn will schedule a vehicle delivery time.
  • Of note, customers can opt to do the paperwork on site and have the vehicle delivered or do the paperwork remotely and pick up on site as well.

    Learn more about our buying process here.

How does the sales process work if I am outside of the 150 mile free delivery radius?
  • The process is the same except that Motorenn will arrange fast and efficient 3rd party shipping for the customer. This cost will then be charged separately.
  • Customers who work through Motorenn’s trucking solutions will be covered by the Motorenn Guarantee, which allows customers to return the vehicle, provided the vehicle is returned in the same condition.
  • Additionally, by California law, Motorenn (the dealership) must arrange shipping to an out of state location to avoid charging sales tax.. Out of state customers who opt to pick up locally or arrange their own shipping will have to pay California sales tax of 7.25%. If the CA rate is lower than your state’s sales tax, then it may not make a difference. Please examine your local sales tax regulations.
Does Motorenn help with travel arrangements for long distance customers?
  • For our customers flying into LAX to purchase a vehicle onsite, Motorenn will provide up to $500 towards the cost of an airline ticket once the sale is completed and final (after the Motorenn Guarantee period is over). Customers will need to submit a copy of the airfare receipt to their sales representative. Reimbursement may be made in the form of a gift card (either Visa or Amazon). Vehicles that are returned to Motorenn are not eligible for reimbursement.

Still have a question?

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