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Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about the Motorenn returns and rollback process.
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What is the Motorenn Guarantee?
The Motorenn Guarantee is our 5 day / 250 mile vehicle return policy.
Are all vehicles covered by the Motorenn Guarantee?
  • Most Motorenn vehicles are covered by the guarantee. Consignment vehicles and certain specialty vehicles not covered. The vehicle inventory page will state if a vehicle is not eligible.
  • Out of state customers are covered until the 5 day / 250 mile period expires after delivery or until the customer registers the vehicle in their state.
  • Of note, the Motorenn Guarantee applies to retail sales only.
Who can initiate a return via the Motorenn Guarantee?
Only the customer(s) on the title of the vehicle may initiate a return.
What purchases from Motorenn are covered by the Motorenn Guarantee return policy?

Vehicles picked up locally at our store, vehicles delivered by Motorenn within our free delivery zone, and vehicles delivered by a Motorenn contracted 3rd party carrier in a covered truck.

Please refer to our extended terms and conditions more details on the Motorenn Guarantee.

How is the duration of the Motorenn Guarantee calculated?
The Motorenn Guarantee lasts for 5 days or 250 miles, whichever comes first. Day 1 is the day of delivery. Day 5 ends at 5 PM PT on the 5th day. If Day 5 falls on a day that Motorenn is not open for business (Sundays and select holidays), then the Guarantee extends to 5 PM PT of the next business day. The 250 miles are counted based on the recorded delivery mileage as the start point.
How do I return a vehicle to Motorenn?
  • If you picked up the vehicle at our store or had the free local delivery, it is your responsibility to get the vehicle back to our store within the 5 day 250 mile limit.
  • If you had the vehicle delivered via a Motorenn 3rd party carrier, then Motorenn will coordinate a remote inspection and the return logistics upon return approval.
What if I cannot accommodate the inspection or return logistics?
Motorenn will make reasonable efforts to provide options and flexible times within a 5 business day window. Inability to accommodate a set of options within normal business hours may result in termination of the Motorenn Guarantee.
What happens if a vehicle is damaged in transit with the 3rd party carrier?
The vehicle will be covered by both the Motorenn Guarantee and the carrier’s insurance. If you decide to return the vehicle instead of accepting delivery, that is fine, Motorenn will work with the carrier to return the vehicle. You may also opt to keep the vehicle. In this case, Motorenn will help with processing any claims with the carrier and the Motorenn Guarantee will still be active for any issues that are not the responsibility of the carrier. Note, you must closely inspect the vehicle on delivery, any issues discovered after delivery will be assumed to be the responsibility of the customer for the purposes of the Motorenn Guarantee (though you may still be eligible to file a claim to the carrier).
What happens if I damage the vehicle?
The Motorenn Guarantee is only applicable for undamaged and unmodified vehicles. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more detail.
I bought a high performance sports car from Motorenn, why doesn’t the Motorenn Guarantee cover testing the vehicle on the track (or other high speed usage)?
The spirit of the Motorenn Guarantee is to allow customers to inspect and test the vehicle in typical and legal traffic conditions to ensure the quality of the vehicle is up to expectation. Activities that may reduce or otherwise impact the value of the vehicle may render it ineligible for return.
I returned a vehicle via the Motorenn Guarantee, can I do it with a second vehicle?
Customers and their households are ineligible for the Motorenn Guarantee if they have already executed a return via the Motorenn Guarantee within the last year. The stipulation does not apply if the customer or someone in their household uses the Motorenn Guarantee and then subsequently buys and keeps a vehicle from Motorenn.
What is refunded and when do I get it?
  • The full transaction price is refunded minus any 3rd party logistics costs (if applicable). Motorenn will process refunds within 7 business days after receipt of the vehicle. The funds may take slightly longer to deposit depending on your banking institution.
  • For out-of-state customers, you will be refunded the purchase price of the vehicle (not including the 3rd party logistics costs). Any non-California taxes and fees are the buyer’s responsibility.